About the project

The bone marrow biopsy remains still a heavy burden for many patients and doctors. This page is a part of the project for better education of doctors. Have you ever thought that bone marrow biopsy does not have to hurt? You will with help of this page. In RESOURCES you can find movies and more about how to do it as painless as possible. If you want to join us – look into the CHALLENGE and see how good you really are. If you can impress your patients with your skills – we will be glad to put you in our HALL OF FAME. If you think that this page was helpful or might be helpful for someone you know – share it!

Our motto for bone marrow biopsy: It does not have to hurt!
We are currently leading a program for analysis of series of different factors that influence pain felt by the patient during the biopsy. What is innovative? Rather than looking for whole pain during the biopsy we look at the pain step by step. Why? To find the doctors who are best of the best and learn from them. Once we find them – we will try to see what makes them so special at what they do. If we know this – we can learn how to do it and teach others.

If you are a doctor and would like to take part in this study: which means you will get patient questionnaire that should be given to patients undergoing biopsy. If you provide us with data for the study you can become coauthor of the publication. We provide you with questionnaire – however you might have to obtain permission from your local bioethical committee to run the questionnaires at your institution. Just write an email and we provide you with the data: painlessbiopsy@gmail.com

The next step will be to see if by teaching the doctors we can improve how their patients feel during the biopsy.

If you have your own project that helps to reduce the pain during the bone marrow biopsy – let us know and we will be very glad to write about it here.
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