How good are you at painless bone marrow biopsy? If you want to see how your patients really feel about your job download our questionnaire (link) and give it to your patients.

What this will give you? You will get an instant feedback on how good you are. You can put your questionnaire in the drawer and analyze them later, or look at them after each patient to have an instant feedback.

We would be very happy if you get better once you know what your patients feel. But you can also help us and other patients with support for our research. How to do it? Please make 10-20 biopsies, put data on pain provided by patients in file (you can get sample excel sheet for data collection here – link). Once you see averages you will be able to relate your results to the results in our study. If you send us the data about yourself – we will be glad to include you in our publication as co-author (order depending on how many questionnaire we will receive from you and how many author places will be available for a journal that will print results of the study). Moreover, if you rate well we will recommend you on our page for your patients.

If you see that your patients feel very little pain – we would be grateful if you share your secrets with us – please make a short movie staring you and tell us how to do better bone marrow biopsies

If you see that pain during your biopsies is higher than average – look into our blog and resources to find ways to improve yourself. Once you test our tips on biopsy – it would be great if you put yourself one more time into challenge – another round of patients questionnaires can show you how much you have improved. If you send them to us – you will be co-author of the publication.


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